• LEXUS Genuine Motor Oil SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic is an API SM Premium product designed for the most engine.
  • Original Lexus Oil Licensed by Toyota Japan.
  • Tested and approved by one of the most reliable manufacturer – Lexus.
  • Greater fuel efficiency and easier cold starting.
  • Maintains viscosity and stays in grade throughout the oil change interval.
  • Reduces oil volatility and therefore oil consumption and the need to top up.
  • Meets / Exceeds LEXUS\’s warranty requirements
  • 100% Virgin Base Oil

Price: S$128.00

(inclusive of Labor & Oil Filter)
(5 points check include: battery, radiator, brake, air-con & powering steering fiuld)

6455 0012

LEXUS Motor Oil SM 5W-40


Top grade fully synthetic engine oil without the bell & whistles of the commercially advertised products. You get the best at a low price. Used & approved by one of the most reliable car manufacturer in the world. Suitable for a make and model. Limited stocks available

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